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Zeus is an advanced reconnaissance utility designed to make web application reconnaissance simple. Zeus comes complete with a powerful built-in URL parsing engine, multiple search engine compatibility, the ability to extract URLs from both ban and webcache URLs, the ability to run multiple vulnerability assessments on the target, and is able to bypass search engine captchas.

A powerful built in URL parsing engine
Multiple search engine compatibility (DuckDuckGo, AOL, Bing, and Google default is Google)
Ability to extract the URL from Google's ban URL thus bypassing IP blocks
Ability to extract from Google's webcache URL
Proxy compatibility (http, https, socks4, socks5)
Tor proxy compatibility and Tor browser emulation
Parse robots.txt/sitemap.xml and save them to a file
Multiple vulnerability assessments (XSS, SQLi, clickjacking, port scanning, admin panel finding, whois lookups, and more)
Tamper scripts to obfuscate XSS payloads
Can run with a custom default user-agent, one of over 4000 random user-agents, or a personal user-agent
Automatic issue creation when an unexpected error arises
Ability to crawl a webpage and pull all the links
Can run a singular dork, multiple dorks in a given file, or a random dork from a list of over 5000 carefully researched dorks
Dork blacklisting when no sites are found with the search query, will save the query to a blacklist file
Identify WAF/IPS/IDS protection of over 20 different firewalls
Header protection enumeration to check what kind of protection is provided via HTTP headers
Saving cookies, headers, and other vital information to log files
and much more...