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First of all, buy a bank login with EMAIL access and login, then head over to zelle Pay and signup for zelle Pay, they will send code to either phone or email to activate it, dat y u need log email

Once the Zelle is active, click on SEND

You will be asked to input the email of drop or bank owner to receive money, so u need only email of drop, u don’t even need online acces of drop

After that select the type of account where money should be debited from inside bank log

Review , if there is any changes or corrections , u do it at this stage

Done ✔ ✅

Zelle transfer doesn’t charge back so any money u send is FINAL , money won’t be returned back to drop so acct won’t fuckup
The account receiving this money , doesn’t need to have zelle Pay, all receiver has to do is login his/her email and ACCEPT the deposit from zelle into his account, nothing else