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now step 1 : look for potential buyer ask them what payment method they can do ? if they say paypal btc or any . tell them hmm i don't have those payment method ,can you buy me something online for 5$ ? if they agree. tell then you need him to buy you something in offgamers so ask them from what country he from so you can change the address and you will give him the account info so he could but it for you by logging in to your account.

step 2 : after he purchase ask him to verify the payment which offgamers ask for the first time buyer. once he verified and he successfully bought you an 5$ worth items in offgamers that means your account is good togo .

step 3 : get a Goodcvv that have enough balance to buy enought goods for you ( best one i got was 10x 100$ PSN card (US) ) but if you can also use paypal with balance in it. but you need good socks to make it work.

TRICKS : sometime they dont have stocks/supply so even your payment went through the digital codes wont be send. cause out of stocks and might compromised your transaction so becarefull on ordering.