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unknown people spread a false message about radiation emissions at the Rivne nuclear power plant near the city.


The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in social networks disseminated information that at about noon unknown persons hacked the main website of the National Police and the pages of regional offices, as a result of which they are not loaded or fake information is posted on them. Now the official websites of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine do not work due to "unauthorized interference".

Problems with access to the websites of law enforcement agencies began at about 12:00. Fake news appeared on some regional police portals, including about the release of radioactive substances at the Rivne NPP. In this regard, inaccurate information was disseminated on some Internet pages of the regional police departments.

The department clarified that experts are working on solving the problems that arose after the hacking. Users are encouraged to follow the news on the official National Police Facebook and YouTube pages.