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Reason Why UK Bank Transfer is one of my favourites.

1. Almost all scam jobs & Online transfers are centered on

USA so there is less attention on UK scams, because of

this, it takes a very long time for UK transfer jobs to cast

since only a few people are cashing out there.

Daily Transfer Limit to another U.K bank is £50,000. Daily

transfer Limit between Between same bank like Barclays

bank is £250,000.

Money transfer Between same banks is

instant!!.Transfer to another Bank in UK reflects in just 2

hours on the same day!!!!.

To login a U.K bank, what you need is

• Surname/Last name

• Membership number OR Card number OR Sort code (Any

of this)

• Passcode

• Memorable word

So before you buy a UK log from shop, make sure they will

provide the above information.

Ok now let start the Step-by-Step tutorials, follow closely and

don’t miss any step;

Fill the information on the login tab and click on Next Step. As for

the membership number, Card number & Sort code, fill

just one of them.

On the 2nd and last login page. Input passcode and

memorable word and then click on ‘login to Online


Once the logins is good, you will be successfully logged

onto the dashboard as shown in the pic below.

Click on pay and transfer

On the next page, click on Pay a recent or new payee

On the next page, you fill the sending source and the receiver.

The only information you need from a UK bank drop

or client is his Name, Sort code and Account number,

you don’t even need his bank login info.

After you are done inputting your UK drop or picker

info, scroll down and click on Continue.

Now the FROM has being filled, the TO has also being

filled, with the AMOUNT section you can write any

amount, limit per transaction is £50,000!!.That some

bloody huge amount of money to make in one day,

enough to retire anyone. Now let continue.

Reference is optional so you can write anything there,

choose One-off payment and then click on Review


Then you confirm payment

The money will be sent successfully

Sooo easy, bank transfer has being sent successfully.

Same bank transfer is instant, while interbank transfer reflects in 2 hours