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Also, Samsung Galaxy S20, Ubuntu, Safari, Firefox, Adobe PDF Reader, Docker, VMWare EXSi, QEMU and TP-Link and ASUS firmware were hacked.

Windows 10, iOS, Google Chrome and other popular software were hacked using new exploits at the Tianfu Cup, the largest hacking competition in China.

Of the 16 targets, it was possible to compromise iOS 14 on iPhone 11 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S20, Windows 10 (version 2004), Ubuntu, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe PDF Reader, Docker (Community Edition), VMWare EXSi, QEMU (emulator and virtualizer) and firmware of TP-Link and ASUS routers.

Fifteen teams of Chinese security researchers attended the event this year. The participants had three attempts, five minutes each, to hack their chosen target using the original exploit. For each successful attack, the researchers received a monetary reward that varied depending on their chosen target and type of vulnerability.

All exploits were reported to software vendors according to the competition rules, developed by analogy with the rules of the Pwn2Own competition. Patches for all vulnerabilities will be provided in the coming days and weeks, as usually happens after each TianfuCup and Pwn2Own competition.
As in the previous year, the team of specialists from the Chinese tech giant Qihoo 360 (360 Enterprise Security and Government and (ESG) Vulnerability Research Institute) won by a wide margin. The winners received $ 744,500, which is almost two thirds of the total prize pool of the event - $ 1,210,000.