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Recorded Future has announced a $52m deal to enhance its threat intelligence capabilities with the acquisition of Gemini Advisory.

The self-proclaimed “world’s largest provider of intelligence for enterprise security” said the combination of both companies’ capabilities would give customers a critical edge in their efforts to rapidly mitigate cyber-threats.

“In a short time, Gemini Advisory has become a leader in the fraud space with unique offerings in both payment card intelligence and merchant fraud intelligence,” argued Recorded Future CEO and co-founder Christopher Ahlberg.

“As we continue to execute on our mission to deliver a modular intelligence platform, joining forces with Gemini Advisory expands the value we deliver for customers across enterprise security and fraud.”

Gemini Advisory is set to stay as a separate business unit within the new company, where it will support its existing client base with services built on deep insight into the cybercrime underground.

This visibility into payment card, merchant and transactional fraud helps businesses to prevent fraud, on average, up to 24 days before it occurs, according to Recorded Future.

Gemini Advisory’s fraud and threat intelligence data will be particularly useful to Recorded Future’s Fraud Intelligence offering, which sits alongside a broad service portfolio covering SecOps, brand intelligence, vulnerabilities, geopolitical intelligence and cyber-threat insight.

“Gemini Advisory was able to take the market leader position for fraud intelligence because of the unparalleled expertise of our team, having spent years in undercover operations, and our novel approach to fraud detection and prevention,” said Gemini Advisory CEO and co-founder Andrei Barysevich.

“Recorded Future mirrors this approach across other cybersecurity solution areas, with intelligence at the foundation of both of our businesses. This common core is what makes a partnership with Recorded Future the right next step in our evolution.”