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The network got the characteristics of the anti

-mortar system, legal documents, payment forms, etc. DoppelPaymer ransomware operators stole internal confidential documents belonging to Lockheed Martin, SpaceX, Tesla, Boeing from an industrial contractor and published them on the Network after refusing to pay the ransom.

The stolen data includes detailed information on military equipment developed by the US military-industrial corporation Lockheed Martin, The Register reported. Payment forms, vendor information, analytic reports, and SpaceX affiliate program documents were also published.

Files were stolen from Visser Precision by the malware operators DoppelPaymer, which infected the contractor's computers and encrypted its files. When the company was unable to pay the ransom by the due date, the attackers published documents on a publicly accessible website.

Visser Precision supplies components for the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries. Its clients include aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing companies: Lockheed Martin, SpaceX, Tesla, Boeing, Honeywell, Blue Origin, Sikorsky, Joe Gibbs Racing, University of Colorado, Cardiff School of Engineering, etc.

Representatives of Visser Precision, Tesla , Boeing, SpaceX did not provide comments regarding the incident.