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Method How To Bypass Paypal Verification & OTP Bypass 2023


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For mobile devices:
  • Download the DUCKDUCKGO Browser.
  • Disable Wifi and use LTE/4g.
  • Go to scamalytics.com to check your IP's fraud score. If it's above 20, turn on airplane mode for 5 seconds then turn it off.
  • Go to bakerskateboards.com.
  • Select any random item in the store but don't purchase it.
  • Scroll down to "Buy Now."
  • Select "Checkout with PayPal." If PayPal is not available for the item, find another item that accepts it and continues.
  • Manually type the email, and manually type the password but add an extra "!" at the end. It will say it's invalid.
  • Retype the correct password after it says invalid.
  • It should put you on the checkout screen asking what payment you want to use. Disregard that screen.
  • Go to a new tab and go to paypal.com/myaccount/summary.
  • Now you have full access to the PayPal account dashboard, and you can send money and check out on any site.
  • Enjoy your profit!
For PC devices:
  • If you're using proxies, connect to the PayPal owner's location or nearby it. If not, disregard step 1.
  • Download the Brave browser.
  • Follow steps 3 and onward from the mobile tutorial.
  • For full access PayPal Yahoo logs tutorial:
  • Go to the website you want to hit.
  • Get the item and checkout with PayPal.
  • Type the email correctly, then proceed to the password.
  • Once you reach the password section, type any random password combination like P455WORD123!!!.
  • Once it says it's invalid, reset the password. Make sure it sends an email and not a text message to the phone number. If it doesn't allow you to send an email, then the log is dead and not hittable.
  • Once you receive the email to reset the password, reset the password to the same one you entered earlier.
  • Close the tab with the reset password screen.
  • Go through the checkout process again, but type the password correctly. If it gives you any sort of 2fa, then it's a user error. Your IP has too much fraud score or something similar.
  • Once you're on checkout and have a payment method, continue with your hit.
  • After you hit, move on to the "What to do if I successfully hit" section of the guide to ensure your order doesn't get canceled.
  • Clearing browser history:
For mobile devices:
  • Press the fire button at the bottom of the screen to clear all data.
  • Turn on airplane mode for 5 seconds or more to change your IP.
  • Repeat steps 1-13.
For PC devices:
  • Press CTRL+H to open your history.
  • Press the "Clear Browsing Data" button on the left side of the browser.
  • Click the Advanced tab and make sure the following are checked off: Browsing History, Download History, Cookies, and other site data, Cached images, and files. Also, make sure the Time Range is set to "ALL TIME."
  • Press clear data, and close the browser.
  • Reopen the browser and repeat steps 1-13.
  • Extra: If you're using residential IPs, connect to a new IP before logging into the next account.