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This method gives high resolution copies, and is much better than using your Iphone to screen shot the picture and cropping it. This method is great for those looking to edit a picture found on someone else's Instagram account.

1. Sign on to instagram on an actual computer, running a web browser that allows the user to look at the pages source code. I will be using the worlds largest botnet (Google Chrome) for the example, but many other browsers will work too. Find your image you want downloaded.

2. Now go to the users account, and locate the picture, so it is just the stand alone picture and NOT your entire instagram desktop. Like so:

[Image: instagram1.png]

3. From here, right click over the image and select "View page source". If you right click and select "save as", you will be forced to save the entire HTML page per instagrams Terms and Service policy. And nobody wants that. Once you have opened the source, it should look like this:

[Image: instagram2.png]

4. Once you have done step 3, hit Ctrl+F and type in "distilleryimage". The actual picture will always be the one that is hyperlinked! Example:

[Image: instagram3.png]

5. Now, click on the hyper link, and the high quality image should be in its own individual tab on your web browser, allowing you to right click and download. Like so:

[Image: instagram4.png]

This completely breaks instagrams TOS (Terms Of Service), so if you do decide to do this be careful with copy righted material.