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I want escrow and please give me your tron wallet.

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Ok escrow give me just 30 minutes for made his transfer.
Mtcn and sender information has been sent to your inbox notify me when you receive your money.
Sorry for delay because server problem.
Vc is very honest & legit seller transfer pickup process is very is and safe i have personally alk to the agent yoi can leak our personal information to any one else agent answer give me the answer this is not in our rules we never share your identity to any one else so it's mean westernunion is fully secure
Thanks Bro, Definitely Recommend you.


I cannot thank you enough. @TheVcarder
Escrow fully satisfied with TheVcarder service he is he is the second name of legitimate.
Now payment release to him.
Payment Has Been Released to The Seller Thanks for Choosing our Escrow Service.
Grate Job TheVcarder.
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