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Buyer and Seller Agree the Terms
Buyer Open a thread in Escrow section and provide all the details about the deal like service he/she is buying amount and what seller going to deliver, with seller information he/she dealing with.
Seller's Agree to Deliver the deal item in the decided time frame
Dark-Escrow Will Provide the Deposit Wallet to the buyer in private message with wallet where buyer want to receive their funds in case of cancelation of the deal.
Buyer will deposit the amount in secure Escrow wallet and confirm the payment in Opened Thread Request for Escrow
Once Dark-Escrow Receive the Funds in Escrow will Post the confirmation in the opened Thread for acknowledgment of the seller funds is secured by Dark-Escrow
Seller have to Deliver the Deal Product in agreed time frame to avoid the cancelation of the deal
if Buyer Got the product in time must be update the Opened thread that he received the Product
Dark-Escrow will Release the funds to the seller instantly after getting the confirmation of the buyer

Escrow Rules

  • The minimum amount is: 250 USD.
  • Escrow service is available only to members of forum if you are dealing with an outsider use any external escrow service.
  • Only BTC or any irreversible E-currency escrows. Which means no risk of charge backs for the buyer/seller as well as me.
  • All deals are done only through darkstash.com Private Messaging System. Jabber & Telegram can only be used for support of active escrow transactions.
  • Escrow fees are flat 5%+ Transaction fees.(FREE for VIP members) If the Deal fails , the entire amount gets refunded back to the Buyer.

Note: Please always use escrow service to keep this site alive and avoid scammed by scammer's