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What we will need! [Will be showing you how to get them as well)
1. First and last name or just the first name.
2. DOB (date of birth)
3. Email (very easy to get)
4. Country where skype it was created (ex: us , canada , uk)
5. Year skype was created.

Now lets get all those steps!
1. You can ask for kids PayPal email and send money like 0.1 and it will show his name or you probably have a dox of him, or just dox him..
2. to find DOB is really easy, jsut right click the kids skype and click view profile and it will show his DOB.
3. to get email is easy what you will need is a facebook account, you don't any friends on it, if you don't have one then make one
go to this link: https://www.facebook.com/find-friends/
and click "Skype" and sign in with your skype


then it will say "yes" or "no" and just click no, now once you have done that you want to go tot his link: https://www.facebook....ite_History.php and it will show emails, jsut click on email and do the captcha so you can see the actual email...
ok so we now have email (you need to have them added)
4. country is easy as well you can get his ip and geo locate it , or jsut simply view his profile jsut like we did earlier, but i recommend doing Geo location
5. to find this out you will need o actually ask him like "When did you first create your skype ?" i don't know actually haha, just think of something

Ok since we now have what we need it's time to go to skype live support you will need to be signed in to a different skype to be able to chat with agent.
click security > take over > and click "more support" and click chat
ok now it will ask for email, put your email not kids email and skype username put the kids username, and topic will be "Abuse (identy theft, etc..)
now when you're in chat just say that your skype has been hacked and they will ask for those 5 steps we did..i hope you enjoy hacking peoples skype.