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1. You should get the profile of a person you know, you can also get some people where you can read alot about them in their profile.

2.Copy the profile name from the facebook link from the url, for example "john.miller022" and past it into the field "forgot password". It will give you the persons profile and you will be able to check some letters of the email adress wich is linked to the facebook account.

3.Now it is up to you, try to get the mail (the outlook/hotmail ones work the best) by guessing, you have unlimited trys.

4.Try to change the password from the hotmail account, here is the clue: most people are using really old hotmails and you can change the passwords by their security questions. Most people did not update them, nor are they using any safe answer. You can try to get information about their birthplaces, names of family members from their profile or from profiles of their family members. At favorite foods "pizza" worked for many times in my accounts.

5.Get access and change the passwords, get out the informations you need fast, people will notice it quickly nowadays.

This is how I was killing some time when I was bored, have fun doing it aswell!

Or check out your own profile to fix this "security hole".

I hope you enjoyed it.

this is a small tutorial about cracking facebook/mail accounts from people you know.

This tutorial will raise up the possibility to get access to these accounts, I have done it many times until now and it kept working.

Rep if it was useful for you, thanks guys!