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Requirements for Airbnb Carding Method

This section outlines the necessary tools for expedited Airbnb carding.

Here are the prerequisites for Airbnb carding:

1. **CC Live:**
- Obtain a CC fullz non vbv live to facilitate booking a complimentary vacation through Airbnb.

2. **Phone Number:**
- A US phone number, preferably unregistered in your name, is essential for verification purposes.

3. **Multiple Emails:**
- Utilize two email addresses to create two distinct Airbnb accounts.
- Yahoo!, Google, Hotmail, or Protonmail can be used.
- Runbox.com simplifies the process by providing around 100 email aliases per account.
- Another email address was created in Gmail for verification purposes.

4. **Airbnb Accounts:**
- Creation of Airbnb accounts is vital for executing the carding method.
- VPN usage with US servers is recommended for account creation to ensure anonymity and accessibility.

5. **Socks/VPN:**
- Employ good OPSEC practices for online anonymity.
- A carding VPN is indispensable for executing any carding method swiftly.
- Set the VPN location to the United States to align with IP address and payment method requirements.

Let's Proceed with the Airbnb Carding Method

Now equipped with the necessary tools, let's delve into the steps for successful Airbnb carding:

1. **Obtain CC:**
- Acquire a CC from a trusted online retailer or source.
- Verify the CC's validity by signing up for premium services.

2. **Create Multiple Airbnb Accounts:**
- Open two Airbnb accounts; one will contain the CC details while the other should avoid using your real name to evade tracking.
- Use a VPN connected to servers matching your CC's location during account creation.

3. **Purchase a Gift Card:**
- Log in to one Airbnb account and buy a $200 gift card.
- Follow the steps to add a gift card to your Airbnb account.

4. **Transfer Gift Card:**
- Send the purchased gift card to the second Airbnb account.
- Use CC details during the purchase process.

5. **Book Reservations:**
- Once the recipient account receives the gift card balance, proceed to make reservations within the gift card balance limit.
- Avoid exceeding the Airbnb gift card balance when making reservations.
- Utilize escrow services for transaction security.

Final Thoughts on Airbnb Carding 2024

Typically, Airbnb processes transactions within 5 minutes. If delays occur, they are usually rectified.
Ensure prompt acceptance of the gift card in the recipient's email address to credit the Airbnb account.
The gift card remains permanently in your Airbnb account once accepted.