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Firstly, I want to express my gratitude for choosing to read this comprehensive guide, and I wish you the best of luck on your cashout endeavors. The content I've compiled here is based entirely on my personal experiences. I've endeavored to provide clear explanations without omitting any crucial details. However, if anything remains unclear, feel free to reach out via private message, and I'll gladly address any queries.

Before diving in, you'll need:Crypto Cashout Mastery: Turn CCs into BTC Like a Pro

- Credit Cards (CCs)
- Anonymous SIM cards (one per renter and one per customer)
- Your computer (naturally)
- Photo Exif Editor Apps (compatible with Android, available as a free app)
- Anonymous Offshore Credit Card (optional but highly advantageous for swift large cashouts with IBAN attached)


1. Your Renter Account
2. Preparation
3. Your Listing
4. Waiting Period
5. Your Customer Account
6. Booking and Cashout
7. Bitcoin Cleaning Process
8. Tips and Tricks

Now, let's proceed. This method enables you to convert all CCs into BTC effortlessly using fictitious listings on 9flats.com. Operating across Europe and America, 9flats.com offers minimal security (though it's advisable to use VPNs, SOCKS5, etc.), no chargebacks, and accepts bitcoins.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of the process:

Day 1: Register an account (as a renter) on 9flats using a fake email address. Over the initial three days, log into your account and browse the website, mimicking genuine renter behavior. During this time, collect pictures of available flats (ideally from Facebook groups). Edit the Exif data of these pictures using a tool like "Photo Exif Editor," setting the geolocation to match your fake listing (ensure it's a genuine location; Google Maps can assist). Crucially, adjust the "photo taken on..." information to a date within these three days to enhance credibility. Save the pictures in .jpg format.

Following the initial three days, create your listing on 9flats. Opt for a well-presented flat in an upscale location (approximately $150 - $200 per day). Be convincing and include periods of unavailability to simulate regular renter behavior. Subsequently, wait 48 to 72 hours for your rental ad to go live.

Once your ad is online, continue logging in periodically (every day or every two days) for one week to maintain the appearance of a genuine renter.

A week after Day 1, create a customer account (ensure the name matches the CC holder's name), and again, act as a genuine customer. Take time to explore ads in the vicinity of your fake flat, asking questions to other renters over four days. On the fourth day, make a booking using your own ad, but remember to contact the fake renter (yourself) beforehand, posing inquiries, etc.

Upon successful booking, you'll receive an email from 9flats. Follow the link provided in the email to access your 9flats account. It's prudent to allow a few hours between your booking and cashout. At the cashout stage, choose between Bank Wire or Bitcoins, opting for bitcoins, naturally.

To launder your BTC, consider using Grams, which provides a new address every ten hours.


- If "payment in cash" is the only option post-booking, it indicates room for improvement in your approach. Ensure to communicate with other renters and the owner of your fake flat (yourself) during the booking process.

- You can bypass the "payment in cash" option by making a distant booking of approximately one month. This tactic allows you to cash out the funds from your initial booking.

- Anonymous SIM cards may come in handy for SMS verification, though not consistently required.

- An anonymous CC with an attached IBAN can be extremely beneficial for cashing out significant amounts. By utilizing this method, you can make fictitious bookings with substantial sums without the risk of fraud, albeit with associated fees. This approach can significantly boost your credibility score to 200%.

Congratulations! You're now equipped with a straightforward method to convert all CCs into BTC. Remember to maintain the façade of a genuine customer/renter to avert suspicion. By diligently following this guide step by step, you can easily generate $200 in profits daily.