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Introducing BC Game and its Crypto Carding Method

What is BC Game?

BC Game is an online platform primarily known for betting activities utilizing crypto transactions for deposits and withdrawals. However, for carders, the focus shifts from betting to leveraging the platform for purchasing Bitcoins or USDT using non-VBV obtained from a reliable source. No OTP is required in this process. After acquiring the cryptocurrency, carders proceed to withdraw to their personal crypto addresses. Let's delve into the method without delay.

Requirements for this Crypto Carding Method:

1. Non-VBV card from a reliable source
2. Computer or mobile phone
3. Fast internet access
4. Email matching CC fullz
5. VPN or proxy
6. Crypto address for withdrawal


1. Obtain a Non-VBV Card:
Acquire a non-VBV card with Fullz from reliable sources. Opting for a higher-tier card increases the likelihood of obtaining a larger credit limit, enhancing profitability in gaming.

2. Device:
As carders, a computer or mobile phone is essential for online carding, unless cashing out dumps with pin.

3. Email Matching CC Fullz:
Create an email matching the CC holder's name. This step is crucial for anonymity and security.

4. VPN or Proxy:
Protect your IP address by utilizing a VPN or proxy service. Check the anonymous score to ensure security and anonymity.

5. Crypto Wallet Address:
Any private wallet suffices for this process.


1. Register:
Visit BC Game and locate the sign-up page. Create a password using the email generated from Fullz. Agree to the user agreement and submit.

2. Account Setup:
Fill in required information from the obtained source upon redirection to your account dashboard.

3. Purchase Crypto:
Verify the balance using the website's balance checker. Proceed to buy crypto from the CC obtained from the source.

4. Deposit:
Click on the deposit option and select the desired amount for purchase.

5. Confirmation:
Confirm the transaction by entering the OTP sent to the email created earlier.

6. Withdrawal:
Upon successful transaction, navigate to the profile picture, click on the withdraw tab, input the private USDT address, and confirm the transaction.

Upon completion, the transaction will reflect in the account, indicating success. By following these steps diligently and ensuring the use of non-VBV CCs, success in this method is achievable.