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**STEP 1**

Begin by utilizing the services of any Drop Service to acquire a virtual US address. This address will function as your residential address in the US, even if you're not physically present there.

Any packages or goods sent to this address will be forwarded to your actual address in your country of residence. This address is crucial for receiving the ATM card linked to the bank account.

**STEP 2**

Procure US Fullz Information, including SSN numbers and DOB, and proceed to https://www.accountnow.com/ to create an account using the provided SSN details.

Once your https://www.accountnow.com/ account is verified, the ATM card associated with the provided bank details will be sent to your residential address (drop address) in the US. Hence, it's essential to utilize the address obtained from the shipping forwarder service.

Upon the card's arrival at your designated drop address, arrange for it to be re-shipped to your actual address in your country. At this point, you will have a bank account with a debit card ready for use.

Utilize this account to withdraw funds from any PayPal account, Moneygram, WU pay transfer, and various other options, with endless possibilities for use.

For individuals seeking to profit by cashing out any Credit Card, follow these steps:


Establishing a merchant account is one of the most effective methods for cashing out credit cards. Such information is not readily available for free on the surface net or the darknet. However, we aim to provide guidance and training to hustlers like you. Tools can be acquired from us for this purpose.

This merchant account will enable you to charge funds from the cards you purchase from us and subsequently transfer those funds to your bank account (the drop bank account).

*SIDENOTE:* Serious individuals interested in setting up a merchant account can avail of our services. We offer comprehensive assistance, providing everything needed for setting up a merchant account for a flat fee of $499.

If you opt not to utilize our service for setting up everything, you can resort to funding-raising websites and use their merchant account instead.

Proceed to create an account with Gofundme.com or any preferred fundraising platform. Set up a campaign, and if unsure how to proceed, you can model your campaign after existing ones and personalize it accordingly.

Once the campaign is established, it will be ready to receive funds.


Now that you're prepared to execute your plan, here's how to generate funds using any NON-VBV card of your choice:

After purchasing cards from us at CashoutEmpire.com, take note of the credit card's country, city, and address.

Connect to a VPN for your protection and use premium SOCKS5 to match the cardholder's location. For instance, if you purchased a US card with the city specified as Santa Monica in California, connect your VPN to California, US, and your SOCKS5 to Santa Monica, California.

Proceed to your campaign page, click on DONATE, and enter the card details on the secure payment page. Upon submission, the card will be charged, and the funds will be deposited directly into your account on https://Gofundme.com/.

It's crucial not to exceed a donation amount of $250 on any card. For example, if you purchase ten credit cards from us and charge each card $250 X 10, you should be making $2500 (minus fees) every single day, which is a promising start.


Your campaign account will display the funds you've charged from the credit cards as a balance.

Navigate to the withdrawal section and set up an account for withdrawal. Use the bank account details obtained from https://www.accountnow.com/ to withdraw funds.

Once set up, return to gofundme.com and initiate the withdrawal process. Your $2500 will then be transferred to your bank account.

Initial fund transfers may take 2-3 days, so it's advisable to do this on a Monday or Tuesday to ensure the funds are in your account before the weekend.

After receiving the funds in your bank account, you can proceed to transfer the money online to another bank account or withdraw it using your debit card. Alternatively, you can send the money via MoneyGram.

For assistance with a full merchant setup and website for $499, feel free to contact us. The complete setup typically takes around 7-8 days. We will handle all necessary documentation and have your site ready within 3 days, although the payment processor may take a few days to complete the merchant application. Additionally, if you're purchasing the drop bank account from us, we offer a 25% discount on the total price:

- $200 for a bank drop
- $499 for Merchant setup services & eCommerce Website

Total = $699 - 25% = $524.