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Expedia, a prominent American online travel shopping company catering to both consumers and small businesses, offers a wide array of services including flight bookings. Flight tickets hold significant value, and a recent method known as flight ticket carding allows individuals to exploit this value by either selling, utilizing for personal travel, or even gifting them to friends. Here's a breakdown of the method:

Requirements for Flight Ticket Carding:

1. Method: This is the primary asset for successful carding.
2. NonVbv CC with Fullz: Obtain high balance non-verified by visa credit cards with complete cardholder information from reputable vendors.
3. Proxy/Vpn/Rdp: Utilize proxy, VPN, or remote desktop protocol to alter virtual locations during the carding process.
4. VM: Use a PC/Mac with a Windows 8.1 virtual machine installed for carding.
5. Phone Number: Provide a recipient phone number to receive notifications and flight updates.
6. Website: Utilize Expedia.com, a site that links numerous airports, facilitating bookings for flights across the United States. The advantage lies in receiving a receipt upon payment, requiring only ID verification since the purchaser's name automatically registers on the flight list.

Steps for Flight Tickets Carding:

1. Ensure the card has sufficient funds to cover the order amount.
2. Prepare necessary information such as address, non-verified by visa status, full cardholder details, names, CVV, and set up proxies or VPNs.

Latest Updates on Flight Ticket Carding:

- Optimal Proxies and VPNs: Recommended providers include 911.re or vip72.com for proxies, and any VPN with a 100% IP check score such as Express VPN or HMA VPN.
- Proxies Selection: Choose proxies based on full cardholder information, matching state, city, and ideally, country. Preferably, select local residential ISPs to enhance the site's belief in your location authenticity.

Carding Procedure:

1. Visit Expedia.com through ad links or directly.
2. Search for the desired flight, ensuring it aligns with the card's affordability and falls within a one-week timeline.
3. Confirm the flight selection and proceed to payment.
4. Review the price summary and ensure accuracy.
5. Fill out traveler information, ensuring it matches the ID that the traveler will present.
6. Add payment method using the purchased card.
7. Create a new account if required, using a unique email and strong password.
8. Confirm the booking and await order confirmation messages and flight instructions via email.

By following these steps meticulously and ensuring alignment with the latest updates, individuals can effectively execute flight ticket carding with Expedia.