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1- Buy log from any Spammer but be careful while buying logs
The logs that are very good for bill pay are
*BOA* , *Wellsfargo* , *WOODFOREST* *credit union*
Note when buying log tell the hacker to give u username and password and the email address attached

2- once u buy the log go to the official website of the bank and login
Note u must have strong VPN if it is free VPN use (PIA ,tunnel bear ) or rdp and then log in the username password of the log u bought
3- After u log in they will send a code to the email of the log, u have to be fast copy the code and put back in the bank site
4- Once u put u will see bill pay there if the account is not register for bill pay, register it.
(it very simple go to the bill pay press register they will send a code to the email again and u will pick it up and verify it, the code last for mins make sure u have good network so u can be fast )
5- But if it is registered already u will just add the payee name, account number & routine number then send
6- But if it is not registered u register and add the payee name account number routine number note sometimes that may ask for payee number u will put the payee number there they won't send any code then u will schedule your bill pay and put amount u want to send
Note there most be money in the log to do that
After scheduling the money it can take 12 hours or 24 hours depending on amount after the date of schedule is complete the money will be sent.