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Hacking an ATM machine is something that has been there for a very long time, currently many of
the developed countries do have an idea of how it is done so have taken security measure to prevent
that from happening changing the default configurations and customizing the device.
From the PDF:
"To access the Operator Function menu, hold the , and
keys simultaneously for 2 seconds, release them and press 1, then press 2, then
press 3. The timing of this procedure can be difficult at first.
Note: The Operator Function menu can only be accessed when the machine is either
in service (swipe your card screen) or out of service. If the machine is attempting
to connect the host or initializing, you will not be able to use the key commands to
access the Operator Function Menu.
"The Denomination is the type of bill that each cassette will be dispensing. The ATM
offers a second cassette as an option. This second cassette can be programmed to
dispense notes, it can also dispense a preset number of bill sized coupons with each
transaction and finally it can dispense a value coupon, where you would set the
value of the coupon and the customer could purchase this using their card.
To set denomination on the first cassette, press the First CST Denomination button
and then using the main keypad enter the type of bill. Options are $1, $5, $10, $50
and $100.
To set denomination on the second cassette, press the Second CST Denomination
button and then using the main keypad enter the type of bill. Options are $0, $1,
$5, $10, $50 and $100."
So I guess it is simple and self explanatory, the $1 bill cassette can be programmed to issue $100
so after the programming, you insert your ATM card and withdraw $1, the ATM will issue you with
a $100 bill and give you the receipt for a $1 transaction because it will think that it issues only $1
To save you from a lot of hustle, these are the default codes to the ATM machines..
Master = 555555
Service = 222222
Operator = 111111
Rather than risk the illigitimate trasaction being linked to the only atm card I have (mine), here's
why I'll be on the lookout for a Tranny 1500:
Step one: turn off the damn surcharge (pg. 3.23) I hate that *****.
Step two: change greeting (3.25) to something questionably witty (All your....)
Step three: Set fast cash to an extremely high amount. C'mon people, do you really need to save the
extra TEN SECONDS it takes to complete a full ATM transaction? Is pressing the buttons a
workout? You *****.
Final step: create "value coupon" (3.30) to be recieved by next ATM customer for "half off your
pwned-ass ATM"
And if you think it'll take me too long to do this, I'm just going to dress up as an old person. Those
people take forever at the cash machine anyway, and then I can act senile, too, so it won't look
conspicious when I am trying the default num-code for the cash box.
Not all the TUT in here was written by me, some was compiled from other sources....