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Requirements for Amazon carding:

1. Non-VBV Live CC:
Verified by Visa (VBV) is incompatible with the Amazon carding process, necessitating the use of non-VBV credit cards. These cards can be acquired through purchase, as "CC" stands for credit card.

2. VPN:
Utilizing a VPN is essential to evade tracking while engaging in carding. Premium VPN services like Tor are recommended to ensure anonymity.

3. Socks:
Socks4 or Socks5 can be employed to reroute IP addresses, although this method requires some technical proficiency.

4. Browser:
It's imperative to use a suitable browser to avoid compromising the Amazon carding method. Chrome and Firefox should be avoided due to their tracking mechanisms. Tor browser is recommended, and any browser outside mainstream platforms like Play Store or Apple Store is preferred to prevent tracking.

5. Amazon Account:
Creating an active Amazon account requires legitimate credit card details. Fake accounts are discouraged to avoid detection by Amazon, and the details in the account should correspond to the credit card information provided.

Other Requirements:

- A different address can be used to avoid tracking.
- The postal code on the card must match.

Note: Digital items ordered from Amazon do not require a zip code or address for delivery, as they are sent via email. If prompted, choose not to forward digital items to the email associated with the credit card.

These prerequisites set the foundation for successful Amazon carding. Following these steps meticulously ensures the safe delivery of desired products.