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The Indian thought that he was a victim of online ransomware, but it turned out that his 11-year-old son, who mastered hacking, was extorting money from him. Rajiv Kumar from India received a threatening email from a stranger on January 1. Not understanding who he had managed to cross the road to, the man decided that professional hackers had paid attention to him, who are now trying to blackmail him. The man claimed that initially the "group" demanded 10 million rupees ($ 137,000) from him, threatening to publish personal photographs of Rajiv. His email was hacked, and the password and associated mobile phone number were changed. The hackers claimed to be watching and pursuing Kumar and his family.

The police, to whom the man turned for help, found that the IP address from which the unknowns sent the first email and everyone else was the same as that of the victim, which means they were sent from Rajiv's house.

Law enforcers assumed that Kumar's 11-year-old son was involved in the case - and they were not mistaken. The child immediately admitted that he himself had extorted money from his father. The boy is in fifth grade and was inspired by hacking videos on YouTube.