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  1. silentsoul

    [SysCloud] Requests from stealer logs in URL:LOG:PASS format

    SysCloud is an automated service for searching requests in the format url:username:password / username:password. Our Advantages Prices: $1 on average per request. Virtually no restrictions on the number of rows returned. A reliable database of ~ rows, cleaned of junk. 7 different...
  2. CarderEmpire

    "Bank Carding 101: Secrets Unveiled Transfer funds easily"

    Sure, here's a rewritten version: **ACH: Direct Deposit and Reverse-ACH Pull** Let's begin with the reverse route. Reverse ACH is utilized when connecting the bank to the office through various authentication methods such as username/password (Plaid/Finicity/Yodlee) or AN/RN, validating the...
  3. K

    People with contacts in FINLAND needed BIG OPPORTUNITY

    People with contacts in Finland is needed, big opportunity for €30-50k jobs. Im only searching for serious people so if you know someone who knows someone in Finland contact me on Telegram @kanotunde for further information.