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I have been scammed a few times in my pursuit which I began late last year. My goal is to build an empire for myself and my family outside of the 9-midnight grind and struggle. In this quest, I have gone down many roads throughout the Darkweb and underground, til I eventually stumbled on a few carding forums with great content. Many of which came with some nice freebies like thousands of dollars worth of courses and free logs and the like.

I have spent the past 2 months taking a break from my mission and have just collected a bunch of information about carding, hacking, investing, IT, career building, how the world works and the whole shebang.

This is where I found many sites. One of which was CRDFORUM.CC

After reading through several forum posts and having many of my own comments pass by the moderator. I began to trust the site (to some extent)
One vendor I was particularly impressed by was Python Kingdom.

They are a cloned card vendor which have really detailed and well presented information on their forum posts as well as their Telegram before it was seized.

They detailed their skimming network, EMV Cloning information and had 3 cards (Mid, High and Super) and USA/UK & International.

I purchased International High Balance for $400 for $2500 insured on the 26 Feb 2023.

They quickly shared their BTC address in 5 mins and I sent the money and my shipping details within 30 mins.

Then I posted on crdforum.cc - waited for the next day.

After one day, I heard nothing.

I thought nothing of it.

The next day after a long day at work. I look at the forum and see a couple of other users who posted after my post claiming to have received their tracking already. I still heard nothing. I checked my email. Nothing.

I try posting another message to get more attention around my order.
It gets stuck in moderator's review. It was a very neutral message too btw.

Then I see a comment which put the vendor in a positive light get approved and published. Yet my comment asking for an update around my order was banned?

In frustration, I make a post on CRDFORUM.CC about how can we trust the Moderators to not skew the perception of certain sellers on that site.

10 minutes later my IP Address is banned and I cannot get into the site.

I was shocked.

I used a VPN to create a new account and I found that the Moderator had taken over my account and had made a FAKE COMMENT under my username praising the vendor and saying how I received the tracking and was so happy.

HOWEVER THIS WAS BULLSH*T - I had not received anything and then the wool was removed from my eyes. The whole forum was made up of fake comments created by the MOD of CRDFORUM.CC


I strongly believe Python is also a scam as they preach about only using Telegram and CRDFORUNM.CC and most importantly, still no actual tracking number.

Well, that's my full experience. Please see screenshots below:
IP Address Banned after asking where my order was..pngFake Comment from Mod using my Account CRDFORUM.CC.png