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Rapid7 has announced the acquisition of Kubernetes security provider Alcide.IO as part of efforts to enhance its cloud native security platform.

The deal is worth approximately $50m, subject to certain adjustments.

The announcement has come amid growing use of Kubernetes by developers in order to quickly develop containerized applications as part of the overall shift to the cloud.

Israel-based Alcide’s technology helps ensure Kubernetes security is fully embedded into the DevOps lifecycle to enable cloud applications to be employed rapidly and securely. It’s cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) offers real-time visibility and network monitoring, as well the ability to detect, audit and investigate security threats.

Rapid7 will now integrate this platform with its existing cloud security posture management (CSPM) and infrastructure entitlements (CIEM) capabilities, providing customers with a broader range of security tools to tackle threats to their cloud native applications.

Corey Thomas, chairman and CEO of Rapid7, commented: “We are thrilled to welcome Alcide to Rapid7. The technical talent within Israel’s cybersecurity ecosystem is unparalleled and we look forward to working together with the Alcide team to provide organizations with comprehensive cloud security that drives business growth and innovation.”

Amir Ofek, CEO at Alcide, added: “Today marks the beginning of an exciting new journey for Alcide. We are excited to join Rapid7 not only because of our shared commitment to providing customers with innovative and accessible cloud security solutions, but this also gives us an opportunity to bring our market-leading Kubernetes security platform to a broader set of customers.”