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? **Introduction to Carding and Key Points**

Carding, an illicit practice, involves the unauthorized use of credit or debit cards to make purchases. This guide aims to provide insight into how carders engage in these illegal activities.

? **Key Points in Carding Method**

? **Understanding Each Point**

?️ **Computer (PC)**
- Carding should be conducted using a computer for enhanced security. While some methods exist for mobile devices, they pose greater risks.

? **SOCKS**
- SOCKS, or SOCKet Secure, is an internet protocol that allows traffic to pass through a proxy server, masking the user's real IP address. Carders utilize SOCKS to mimic the location of the credit card holder during transactions. SOCKS can be purchased for this purpose.

? **Mac Address Changer**
- Changing the MAC (Media Access Control) address of a network interface card (NIC) ensures anonymity and safety during carding transactions. This can be achieved instantly with a MAC address changer tool.

? **CCleaner**
- CCleaner is a valuable tool for cleaning browsing history, cookies, and temporary files. Neglecting this step can lead to detection, so it's essential to use CCleaner diligently.

?️ **RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)**
- RDP facilitates connections between computers within a network. Carders leverage RDP to connect to computers located in the same geographical region as the credit card holder, enhancing security and anonymity.

? **DROP**
- A DROP refers to an address used by carders for shipping during the carding process.

? **Credit Card**
- Understanding credit card details is crucial. A credit card typically includes the card number, expiration date, CVV2 code, cardholder name, address, city, state, country, zip code, and sometimes a phone number. Credit cards are issued by companies such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

? **Carding Method Using Mobile**
- Advanced carders may utilize mobile devices for carding. By following the steps carefully, one can perform carding using a mobile device.

? **Basic Requirements:**
- Rooted Android mobile device.
- Installation of necessary applications for carding, including proxy apps, CCleaner, IMEI changer, and photo and Android ID changer.
- Usage of VPN services such as HMA or ZenMate.
- Utilization of SOCKS5 proxy with proxy droid apps.
- Implementation of IMEI and Android ID changes.
- Connection to proxy droid with SOCKS5 proxy for further steps as explained above.