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To successfully book hotels:

1. Ensure you have a valid non-VBV credit card along with its BIN information.

2. Access any hotel booking website such as hotels.com or booking.com.

3. Use an email that corresponds to the cardholder’s name.

4. Utilize SOCKS located in the same city as the cardholder.

Once you have gathered all the necessary elements, let’s proceed with booking hotels:

Begin by confirming that your credit card holds sufficient balance for room booking. Craft an email using the cardholder’s name. With these preparations complete, you're set to search for your ideal hotel.

Register an account on a hotel booking platform. Input the cardholder's details into your profile for swift checkout later. Also, ensure you have all the required information ready as per the website's guidelines. Log in to your account and explore the hotel listings. Opt for rooms with non-cancellable or non-refundable policies. Upon finding a suitable option, initiate the reservation process, then close the page and wait momentarily.

Return to the website and select the desired room. Upon reservation, the subsequent page should auto-fill with your account details. If not, manually input all the required credit card information for booking. Proceed with the payment, using the credit card to finalize the booking. Subsequently, you'll receive a confirmation email from the website containing booking specifics, and the room will be available for resale. If queried about payment details, such as the credit card used, state that the room was purchased with cash.