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What is a BIN?

A BIN, or Bank Identification Number, is a six-digit number, for example, 431408, that serves as a unique identifier for banks or financial institutions. This number is crucial in identifying the issuing institution of a credit or debit card. Various online sources, such as www.bins.pro, provide BIN information, allowing users to enter a BIN number and retrieve associated details.

Additionally, these sources are often referenced in the sources section of articles for further information.

Now, the question arises: How can one determine the balance of a credit card? Surprisingly, yes, it is possible. I will guide you through the steps using both conventional and Skype methods.

What is VBV, NON VBV, and MSC?

VBV, or Verified by Visa, provides an additional layer of protection against fraud for Visa cards. It requires extra information from the cardholder, such as date of birth, password, social security number, and mother's maiden name. Moreover, it may involve sending a one-time password (OTP) to the card owner's mobile number to authenticate the transaction.

On the other hand, NON VBV cards, although convenient to use, do not require the additional information specified in VBV cards during transactions. It's worth noting that carders primarily opt for NON VBV cards for carding activities.

MSC, or MasterCard Secure Code, operates similarly to VBV, providing an added security level for MasterCard transactions.

What is AVS?

AVS, or Address Verification System, is a system utilized to authenticate the credit card holder's original address against the billing address provided by the user during online shopping or transactions. It plays a crucial role in identifying potential online fraud over the internet by ensuring the accuracy of the provided billing information.