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  1. CarderEmpire

    Mastering Bank Log Phishing

    Spamming for Bank Logs can be a rewarding yet challenging endeavor. Understanding the proper methodology to acquire logs at scale allows for the sale and use of logs for black-hat purposes. This article aims to teach the proper techniques for spamming for Bank Logs in a responsible manner. How...
  2. C

    Spamming 101

    Exploring Spamming Techniques Have you ever pondered how individuals acquire access to bank logs, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, PayPal accounts, credit card details, email addresses, and various online accounts? Look no further, as I'll provide a brief overview and offer insights on mastering the...
  3. CarderEmpire

    Navigating Spamming: Understanding Tools and Tactics

    Before delving into the mechanics of unsolicited messaging, it's crucial to understand the terminology commonly associated with this practice: 1. Email Lists: Often referred to as "leads," email lists are compilations of email addresses belonging to individuals targeted for spamming purposes...
  4. ZerkBurg

    SQLI Dumper TUT Free!!!! Step By Step. Get HQ Combo Lists Fast. Get CC and Emails, Passowords Easily!!!

    ? **SQLi Dumper: Your Friendly Data Detective** Enjoy <3 Embark on a journey with SQLi Dumper, your trusty companion in unraveling the mysteries of databases. With its intuitive 6-phase process, diving into data has never been more delightful! ? **Phase 1: Discover Dorks** - Let's find...