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legit seller vcarder

  1. K

    Cashapp transfer required escrow

    Required escrow for TheVcarder cashapp transfer offer $2k now i need your bitcoin wallet account for deposit $250. Waiting for response escrow.
  2. G

    Escrow give address for this TheVcarder deal thank you.

    I wanna deal with TheVcarder for $400 for $3000 as we decide now escrow give me your btc address, it is my second transfer of this month.
  3. T

    Both transfers of this month January.

    Wallet address please escrow btc ready. $3500 each total $7k = $650 westernunion from TheVcarder.
  4. T

    1st transfer from TheVcarder November

    Good to see you again sir escrow and TheVcarder, I want westernunion transfer $300 to $2500 payment option bitcoin.