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cardable sites with method

  1. TheVcarder

    Optimize Broadband & Dsl Connections - 2021

    These settings allow you to boost the speed of your broadband Internet connection when using a Cable Modem or DSL Router with Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Open your registry and find the key below. Create the following DWORD values, as most of these values will not already exist you will need...
  2. TheVcarder

    Just start out on Emulex and still a beginner. 2021

    Just start out on Emule and still a beginner. The speed is really killing me, even configured ports 4662 & 4672. I got high ID but the quene is round up to hundreds before I capable to get any files. I always keep my upload speed @ 20kbs, but d/l speed still suck. The speed only pick-up after...
  3. Joker

    Amex Gold high balance,

    3452818187765870618837|11|2021|538|AmEx Gold 3662022246660388183115|12|2023|419|AmEx Gold 3513673812384112168004|03|2020|723|AmEx Gold 3277327208002764443050|04|2023|748|AmEx Gold 3761324252866720373378|02|2022|185|AmEx Gold 3343208165640646282684|05|2020|399|AmEx Gold...
  4. TheVcarder

    Approved 60$ CSGO Skins

    Approved 4344843440306421|07|2023|894 Bin: VISA BELARUSSIAN BANK OF DEVELOPMENT AND RECONSTRUCTION BELINVEST CLASSIC(BELARUS) | Retorno: Pagamento Aprovado (00)
  5. TheVcarder

    Live vbv old. Kill

    Number Exp CVV2 Holder name Level Type Bank Country State City ZIP Code Address Email Phone Provider Status Comment:<Comment empty>5462130085395171 10/22 048
  6. TheVcarder

    ccv live 30 $

    INPUT: 5300791000414847|05|26|425 ━━━━━ Bin Info ━━━━━ Bin: 530079 Bin Data: MASTERCARD - CREDIT - N/A Bank Data: WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A.
  7. TheVcarder

    Live vbv old kill

    5462130092401855 05/23 456
  8. TheVcarder


    CCnum:: 5311061465125149 Cvv: 110 Expm: 06 Expy: 23 Fname: Cynthia Lname: Bassett Address: 2237 Raven Circle City: LITHONIA State: GA Zip: 30058 Country: USA Phone: 6784975166
  9. TheVcarder

    hb cc guy's kill now,

    CCnum:: 4474370009722923 Cvv: 444 Expm: 09 Expy: 21 Fname: Michelle Lname: Hill Address: City: SARANAC LAKE State: NY Zip: 12983 Country: USA Phone: Email: adkhills@gmail.com
  10. LEE

    Live Master

    CCnum:: 5178057588519285 Cvv: 278 Expm: 08 Expy: 23